Electric moto snowboard


5 265$

Price: EXW (full rules) without ship cost

Availability: made to order

Production time: 1,5-2 month

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Electric Motosnowboard form Russia.

Electric snowboard developed in Russia, based on domestic components. Suitable not only for fun, but also for rental or delivery business and patrolling. Easy to operate. It has a throttle trigger like on a scooter. The handlebar is foldable.

Advantages over its counterparts:
no petrol, no fuel, NO SMELL
– noiseless
– You do not need a license and registration
– displays mileage, speed, remaining charge
– cheaper cost per kilometer

– weight 60 kg
– 10 km range according to battery capacity
– Length 135 cm, width 45 cm
– track width 22 cm
– Up to 60-80 cm deep snow
– Speed up to 60 km/h with high capacity battery
– payload up to 120 kg
– can be charged in 2-4 hours from 220 V (home mains)