All the videos

All the videos with the electric snow scooter

Interview-report with the project manager about the history of the snow scooter, problems in development and advantages over gasoline analogs.

And also a shorter version in test drive format.

Short and very energetic video from the test drive of two snow bikes in February 2018 in the park of the hotel “DUBKI”.

Compare the powerful version of the snow scooter and the standard version.

Tested powerful versions of the snow scooters and shot the review.

Next, the full video from the same test drive and inserts frames from other test drives. Very atmospheric it turned out )))

Cheerful showreel with frames from all test drives, exhibitions and events.

Images from the testing of different versions of the snow scooter not only in winter but also in summer on the wheel. Cargo was dragged in a sleigh of red tape, a skier and crossed the snowdrifts 30 cm deep. The main thing is that Oleg was delighted with the aircraft!

Video for crowdfunding campaign on Russian site BOOMSTARTER. The video turned out to be a national team, we tried to make an interview and add active frames.

Next is a video from the presentation of one of the first prototypes in the Samara country park. One of the first attempts to make a quality promotional video to find clients. We shot it back in 2017.

It’s a video of some kind of adventure, filmed in the first person. Of course, we shot the action camera, so you will see a lot of unexpected angles and interesting moments of skiing. The video shows one of the first prototypes of 2017.

A very energetic promo that combines both quality camera and action shots. We tried to convey the spirit of riding on such a projectile.

Video report from the International Forum “Open Innovations 2017”.

Report on “Guberniya” TV channel about the new version of the electric snow scooter.

Video from the test drive of an electric snow scooter in the ski resort with ski jumps and sharp rises.

The video report from two events is from Moto-Winter and Moto-Army held in Moscow.

Video from the test drive snowbill on a 38 cm wide caterpillar. Special order for a specific task. In fact, the most powerful version at the moment.

More detailed information about the options and equipment of the electric snow scooter you can find in our online store.

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