Customs duties for imports

Import duty rate

When we send goods to another country, for us as a seller it is an export and for the buyer it is an import.

Almost every country now has a customs duty for importing goods that cost a significant amount or are of a large weight and size. Our goods most often exceed the duty-free limits. Therefore, when you are planning to buy from us, you need to remember that in addition to the price indicated on the website and the shipping cost you will need to pay the customs duty for importing the goods into your country.

Each country has its own import duty rate, so you will need to check the duty rate in your own country. This can be done by contacting your customs office. On average the amount of duty is 5-10%.

Below you will find the rates of duty in the countries where we have already planned to ship to:

  • Norway 25%
  • Finland 20%
  • Australia 10%
  • USA 10%
  • Canada 10%
  • Lithuania 10%

We are constantly adding more countries to the list.

If you don’t find your country, please check your country’s rate yourself.

If you have found a mistake, please let us know.

If you know the fee for a country not on the list, please let us know by email or chat on the website and we will be very grateful.

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