Showing the bike to the governor

Azarov praised the project and offered his help.

The Governor of Samara Region Dmitry Azarov met with young entrepreneurs from startups.

“Project Special Forces” is what innovators from the Samara Co-working Center call themselves. There are a lot of startups, many of them already enjoy great popularity in the world. Dmitry Azarov talked to young entrepreneurs, their developments will further help in the development and competitiveness of the region.

Азаров_электрический снегоход

Since our company is a resident of YellowRockets co-working, we participated in the meeting and spoke about our startup in the field of electric transport. We showed our electric snowmobile and exchanged ideas on the development of the project and cooperation with the state authorities.

More details can be found in the report of the TV channel “Province” from 31.10.2017.

More detailed information about the options and equipment of the electric snow scooter you can find in our online store.

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