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Before payment, be sure to contact the manager to clarify the terms of delivery. Please do not pay for the goods before the manager’s confirmation.

Universal track kit for Surron X off-road electric motorcycles. The tracked electric motorcycle (SNOWBIKE) is essentially a single-track snowmobile. You get the opportunity to extend the motorcycle season and operate the electric motorcycle not only in summer but also in winter.

The kit includes:

  • caterpillar module assembly
  • ski module assembly

Caterpillar set is a great option for rentals, an opportunity to extend the season and increase profits. In addition, electric snowbikes can be used to organize mini-tours and excursions in the winter.



Terms and conditions for purchasing a snowbike kit:

  • Before you pay for your order online, please first contact the manager to calculate the cost of delivery.


  • Payment can be made via Paypal or bank transfer. Let the manager know about your choice of payment method.


  • Payment is made after the conclusion of the contract, with spelled out terms of delivery. We provide a scan of the contract. You can pay as the organization on the account and from a man through an online cashier.


  • If the kits are available for shipment to produce the transport produced after 100% prepayment.


  • If there are no kits, the queue does not exceed 2 weeks. Prepayment for booking a queue of 10% of the order. To avoid situations with misunderstandings order is booked only after the conclusion of the contract and prepayment. The balance of the amount is paid just before shipment. We provide photos of the set before painting and after the final assembly.



  • The shipment is made from Russia (Samara city).


  • Since it is an international delivery, it requires more nuances. In order for us to be able to organize the delivery without problems, it is important for us to do all the steps correctly.


  • Therefore, before you pay, please first contact the manager and specify the cost of delivery.


  • Shipping costs are calculated individually depending on the recipient’s address (country and city). Delivery is fully paid before shipping.


  • You should keep in mind that the buyer will be charged customs import duties when importing the goods into the country. The duties are different in each country. You need to clarify the number of duties beforehand. If you already know the rates of duties and important nuances of delivery to your country, please inform the manager about it.


  • We can arrange delivery by the shipping company of your choice. But, most often we use EMS-post for international delivery. International delivery by EMS-post is the cheapest way, but there is a specificity in that the maximum weight of one parcel does not exceed 30kg. That’s why we divide a set into two parcels.


  • Read about a cheaper shipping method that may work for you. LINK

General description of the kit:

  • We have developed a universal mount, and we adapt it to specific models by adapters (bushings). For the electric motorcycle, we have already adapted the mount.


  • Application. The kits can be used both for utilitarian purposes (winter transportation, fishing, hunting, delivery) and for entertainment and recreation. In addition, the electric motorcycle with track can be used for training teenagers or beginners. We do not recommend using this kit for sports competitions, tins, and world records, for this task there are more prepared versions of both kits and electric motorcycles.


  • Production deadlines. Kits are produced in small batches. But during the winter season, all kits are sold by pre-order. If the kit is not available, the delivery time is up to 2 weeks on average. But the order can be fulfilled faster, depending on the availability of parts and loading production. In summer, as a rule, kits are available.


  • The weight of the set is 40 kg, depending on the equipment. This weight includes the rear swingarm assembly and the front unit with ski. The weight can vary up or down depending on the specific accessories. For the weight measurement, we used the Sur Ron of the basic package (from the manufacturer). This is the weight of the snowbike with the steel frame of the track set.


  • Suspension. All configurations use a wheel suspension.


  • Transmission value. On the bike intermediate shaft, the 14-tooth 428 standard sprockets (420) are used instead of the original sprocket (420) and are included in the kit.


  • The track on all kits is rubber with transverse composite inserts. Width 22 cm. The height of the track is 2 cm. You can also buy the track separately from us. For motorcycles up to 20 hp, this hitch is enough.


  • Plastic frostproof snowmobile ski with one metal ridge in the center (in basic configuration). Different modifications of the ski can be used depending on the availability of suppliers. The ski has a damper for working off-road unevenness. The width of the ski is 15 cm. Length 102 cm. In the basic and maximum version, the ski is equipped with side skates for better handling.


  • The ski shock absorber. It serves as a support for the docking unit of the ski. Its presence allows you to increase the efficiency of control when actively taxiing. It is installed in basic and maximum configurations.


  • Brake. Not included in basic equipment (Ligh and Base) and to be purchased additionally if necessary. It has been our experience that the brake is mainly needed for rolling slopes or for sport mode. When riding in loose snow, the friction force allows you to stop quickly without breaking. The lack of a brake not only reduces the cost but also the weight. The brake is hydraulic with a disc of 160-220 mm, with a machine for the right hand. If installed on an electric motorcycle, a regenerative brake can be used and braked by the motor.


  • Dimensions for delivery. The total dimensions of the folded set, packed in film and cardboard, to calculate the shipping costs are 110 x 50 x 35 cm (approximate).


  • Fasteners. We use metric fasteners. To secure against unscrewing, we treat the bolts with a thread locker, and we also install gravel washers.


  • User’s Manual. We give instructions with photo and video materials for self-installation.


Before payment, be sure to contact the manager to clarify the terms of delivery. Please do not pay for the goods before the manager’s confirmation.


We will advise you!


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